Drivers License Translation FAQ

Do I need a translation of my license even if I have an international license?
You need a translation to English if your original license is not in English. You will need to present the translation and your original license if asked to by the police.

Can you do the translation any quicker?
We may be able to depending on current workload. Please call us on +64-9-889-0160 or email

Why do I need to give my name in English characters?
There are often different ways to romanize when working from a language that does not use the English alphabet. In order that all your documents are consistent, we ask you to give us the romanization of your name as it appears in your passport.

How long can I use the driver’s license translation for?
You are allowed to drive in New Zealand for a maximum of 12 months on an international or foreign driver’s license. After that you must apply for a New Zealand driver’s license. Make sure you apply for the NZ driver’s license before the 12 month period is up, and make sure your original driver’s license is not going to expire before you apply for a NZ driver’s license! You will need to present a certified translation of your driver’s license when applying for a New Zealand license.

Can I do the driver’s license translation myself?
No, this will not be accepted in NZ. Translations are only accepted from NZTA authorised translation services, a diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate, or the authority that issued your driver’s license in the issuing country.

Is the driver’s license translation a certified translation?
Yes, the translation of your driver’s license is a certified translation, so can also be used for other purposes (such as ID when opening a bank account).

How will you send me the license translation?
As this is a certified translation, we must send you the physical documents, with our company seal and signed by our representative. We will send these by NZ Post airmail. Please allow between 6-10 working days for delivery if overseas. If in New Zealand, please allow between 1-3 working days for delivery. Or if you are in Auckland you can come in and pick up the translation.

How can I trust you?
A2ZTranslate Ltd. has been in the translation business since 2002. We are a professional translation company with our head office in downtown Auckland. As a professional translation agency we hold $1 million NZD Professional Liability Insurance. For more information on us please see

Do you do other types of translation?
Yes we do. For all other certified translations (e.g. educational qualifications, legal documents etc.) please see For all other translations (marketing materials, websites, manuals) please see